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Welcome to the NOAA-Pacific Services Center 2D Alignment Database prototype for aligning NOAA Science Content with Hawaii Benchmark Standards. This project is component of a NOAA Contract awarded to Capital City Technical Consulting, Inc. ( [Contract #AB133-C09-CN0257] to create a Strategic Positioning Document for NOAA Education Products in the Pacific.) The 2D Alignment Database, built by Sub Contractor Ulua Media, LLC (DBA, will be used by Sub Contractors (Certified Hawaii Science Teachers) to align an established set of NOAA resources (Contract Document "Appendix A") to Hawaii Benchmarks and National Science Standards.

Once the alignment exercise is completed, the 2D Database will be used to create a Web Dissemination Strategy prototype pulling 3D photo realistic data and matching it up with aligned NOAA Science Material in a 3D experience for teachers to explore and use. For the purposes of this Contract, the 3D elements will be tagged to 3 pieces of content that are in the 2D Alignment Database.  This will test and prove the concept and viability of delivering content in a 3D Virtual World.  The 3D Viritual World Icon will call a seperate website to test the prototype concept.  If the prototype were to shift to full-production, the 3D Virtual World would be seamlessly integrated with the 2D Alignment Database.

The purpose in proposing to create an Alignment tool for NOAA in the Pacific is to more accurately engage teachers and students in using NOAA Science Products and Services by linking the resources to the Hawaii State Benchmarks and National Science Standards. The prototype Alignment Tool will enable NOAA to develop a process of tagging science products and services as they are produced. Once tagged, the science material could then be pulled into a 3D world to more graphically and realistically illustrate the material/concept. Teachers and students could become more fully engaged with NOAA Science Products and Services if the materials they wish to use are aligned to the Benchmark Standards. 

As learning continues to become life-long, the opportunity exists to use a 3D Virtual World to engage learners in an immersive educational experience.  Our 2D-to-3D Prototype is a way to test functionality and usability by providing a rich media context for the next generation.  Learning using photo realistic images and real-time NOAA data visualizations can begin the life-long learning adventure.